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We help you scale without overwhelm

Cracking The Growth Code For Your Business

You could do it yourself but…

You need a customized and personalized Strategic Marketing Plan

We pinpoint where your current marketing is failing you and craft a new strategy that drives growth.  Just like your own CMO and team would when you don’t have all of them yet.

Do you have the time to ensure the absloute best execution of your marketing strategy?

We take on your marketing strategy, marketing plan, and execution. Working with your current leadership, team, and external vendors to execute and manage your marketing. 

You need to invest in growing your leaders and team over time

We help you hire and groom your own marketing leaders and team for long term growth. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job and get you an awesome team wthout missing a beat. 

You’ll need to learn all of the MarTech immediately

We know the industry and we create a tech stack appropriate for today and tomorrow, based on your unique needs. With key attention to your customer’s journey. 

Our Proven 3 Step Approach

To Serving Our Clients

Strategy Workshop

RevKong engagements start with our Strategy Workshop. 

This is where we capture, question, and validate the what how and why of your business and marketing objectives. We also lay out channel options and prioritize your go-to-market channel experiments. 

You’ll get access to our RevKong Marketing Strategy Canvas. A proven model for fast growth, used by agile companies. It provides a quick reference for understanding and explaining your marketing strategy.

Roadmap Workshop

RevKong Roadmap & Strategy Deployment Workshop’s goal is to crystallize your marketing targets, activities, and measurements and turn them into the actions, experiments and growth hacks that will be used to maximize your growth.

With the strategy and Customer Journey at hand, we can now build out the exact roadmap to hit your targets.

This is where you’ll get access to our Revenue Flywheel Framework. A proven model for accelerated fast growth and profitability, used by X, Y, and Z (companies or industries….) 

RevKong Iterative and Incremental Build Out

We’re there with you guiding and managing the building and deploying those activities.
We leverage your own and our resources for an optimal build out and management. 

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